Living Proof

This page will convey stories of individual patients whose lives have been forever impacted through the ministry of the hospital. While preserving patient privacy, it will  highlight the variety of conditions we are called upon to treat and take care of. Many of these conditions will demand us to extend our reach beyond our resources, and it is a testimony to the hand of God in healing and taking care of those who come to us for help.

Lama S was visiting Manali and went up to the Rohtang pass and decided to walk up the mountain. He had some sort of black out while at the top, and fell, rolling down the mountainside for many feet. He was brought to our hospital unconscious, bleeding from his nose and in severe respiratory distress. He was found to have a flail chest and facial trauma. A left chest drain was inserted, a ct scan obtained which ruled out intracranial injury. He required ventilation and was intubated. He had no other relatives and the Tibetan Association of Manali stepped forward to help. They decided to keep him in LWH as against shifting him to a higher centre. He required ventilation for ten days, underwent a tracheostomy and slowly was weaned off the ventilator, started orally and the tracheostomy removed. He was discharged safely yesterday. We thank God for his healing, and for the Tibetan Association of Manali who partnered with us in this process.

He is seen here in his traditional dress with the friends who nursed him back to health.