Posted by Philip Alexander

We bid a fond farewell to Sonam and Anju. Their time in LWH has always been twinned, since they joined within a few months of each other, learnt on the job together, and now are leaving together! Both formed the pillars of the OPD, regulating the flow of patients, ensuring smooth conduct of the patients through opd, smoothing ruffled feathers, and keeping the doctors in line! In addition, they have done numerous other tasks. Sonam trained in a dental assistant role and also did ECGS and helped in many of our peripheral camps, Anju worked in pharmacy and billing sections also. Both have maintained their youthful looks and also their demeanour, seemingly timeless despite the passage of the years. Both have family reasons for leaving early. Sonam will relocate to Dharmsala to take care of ageing parents. Anju will remain here in Manali to have time with her daughter. 

We will miss both of them dearly. Our good wishes and blessings go with them. They will always be an unforgettable part of us. God bless! 



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