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The pandemic that is sweeping the world is unforgiving and relentless at present, confronting health workers with the highest risk of exposure and infection. Of the segment, those in intensive care units exposed to those who need intubation are possibly at the apex of risk. Safe intubation will always be fraught with the danger of aerosol dissemination and cross infection.

To minimize this risk, we designed a simple intubation tent which can help minimize the aerosol dissemination risk to the operator. All other advocated measures, including personal protective equipment, N 95 masks, minimizing mask ventilation and early inflation of the balloon on the endotracheal tube are all to be practiced in addition to the use of this tent.


  • This tent can be made with clear plastic, with two sleeves in it into which the operator inserts his hands, and then puts on an extra pair of gloves, in addition to the ones he or she is already wearing as part of the PPE. The gloves go over the edges of the plastic sleeve ensuring a good seal.
  • All equipment for intubation, including laryngoscope, suction, guedels airway, syringe for inflation of the cuff, and endo tracheal tube of the appropriate size are placed on the chest of the patient to be intubated.
  • The edges of the plastic are tucked under the mattress on three sides of the head of the bed, and the inferior edge is tucked under the patients bedcovers, so no air will escape into the room onto the operator standing at the head end.
  • The operator is able to see through the plastic to intubate the patient after the administration of appropriate relaxant via a peripheral iv access.
  • After intubation the cuff is inflated, and the suction utilized to suck out the air in the tent prior to disassembly.

This way very little  air from the patient will disseminate into the room to potentially infect caregivers.

Our photos showcase Mr Dhani Ram, our tailor who has created this tent.




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