Radiologist Dr. Amy Thomas provides ultrasonography in LWH









The absence of a radiologist in Manali has been a huge issue for conducting ultrasound examinations. The ultrasound machine has been described as an extension of the stethoscope, an essential component of the doctors armamentarium. Essential for antenatal check ups, invaluable in trauma and emergent situations besides elective diagnosis, the people of Manali had to travel far and wide to obtain an ultrasound exam of reliable quality. Other sonologists outside did provide these examinations in Manali on certain days of the week, but not all the time. 

Dr. Amy Thomas has trained in Christian Medical College Vellore and will now provide her services in the Lady Willingdon hospital round the clock. Routine examinations will be done on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays. Specialised examinations and interventions will be done on other days. We are delighted that she is serving the people in this way. She is an answer to prayer. 

We have two ultrasound machines, one of which has echocardiographic capability and doppler provision, and a portable one for FAST, (Focussed Assessement of Sonography in Trauma). We are also grateful to Dr. Jangdeep Banga for donating another portable machine to us for use in our peripheral camps. We are also indebted to him for stepping in and providing ultrasound services during the time Dr. Amy was training. 

Ultrasound uses sound waves, generated from a piezoelectric transmitter. These waves are harmless to the body, and pass through the body depending on the density of the organs. They are deflected and blocked by solid organs, like bone, and pass through viscera and other parts with varying penetrance. The transducer reads the deflected and blocked signals, and converts them into a decipherable image which is interpreted by the radiologist. 

The local populace and the press are also very appreciative of this development and look forward to the service with anticipation. Here are some links to the local newspapers. 

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