Aseem Sambhavanaye

Saturday saw the gathering of our participants of our Community based rehabilation gather together under a pandal erected under a clear blue sky on Saturday 25th May. The title means unlimited possibilities. This was the sixth year in succession we have had this program, intended to provide a common meeting place for the participants to gather, share their stories, draw inspiration from each other and encourage each other on the difficult road they are called upon to walk. 

Participants are known to the rehab staff, but here they get to know and learn about one another, and listen to stories of courage and determination, see the progress others have made and draw determination and inspiration from each other. They each receive and are an inspiration. Bed bound patients from two years ago are no longer bed bound today. A patient who was on a wheelchair two years ago is today striding around with crutch supports and braces, independant and self supporting. These are stories of courage. 

There were health talks, motivational videos, games, sharing times, and lunch, topped off by dancing… yes dancing! 

Kudos to the physiotherapy team who has made all this possible. It was a very moving time for all concerned, and yet another event which will always remain in the hearts of those who attended. 


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